Month: September 2019

Danskin Introduces Collection To Benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Danskin, the health and wellness women’s lifestyle brand owned by Iconix Brand Group, Inc., is partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on a new collection to help support the organization’s lifesaving research. The Danskin x BCRF collection will be available on starting on October 1st. To help support the cause, in October 2019, Danskin is donating $10,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF), regardless of sales. BCRF’s mission is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.


Since 1993, BCRF-funded researchers have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Research is the only way to end breast cancer and Danskin is proud to help BCRF in leading the way. Since 2005, Danskin has helped raise more than $700,000 for BCRF.


The Danskin x BCRF collection features a range of styles that complement women’s active lifestyles including a metallic anorak, a t-shirt, a hat and a fanny pack, with retail prices ranging from $20 to $50.

To learn more about Danskin, visit and follow the brand on its social media handles: @DanskinApparel on Instagram and @Danskin on Facebook and Twitter.


About BCRF

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is dedicated to being the end of breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. Founded by Evelyn H. Lauder in 1993, BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. This year, BCRF has awarded $66 million in grants to support the work of nearly 275 scientists at leading medical and academic institutions across 14 countries, making BCRF the largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide. BCRF is also the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. Visit to learn more.


About Danskin

Danskin, owned by Iconix Brand Group, Inc., has been the authority in dance since 1882. From its start making hosiery for ballerinas, to outfitting the Radio City Rockettes and New York City Ballet, Danskin has been the standard in dance for more than 135 years. Today, Danskin has evolved from a traditional dance apparel brand to a health and wellness lifestyle brand for the modern woman. Danskin exists to enable powerful feelings of expression through movement and is committed to creating products that support today’s woman as she moves through her active, engaged, dynamic life.


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Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Continues To Grow Home Business In The Middle East

Brand management company Iconix Brand Group, Inc. today announced an extension of its existing licensing deal with Bycop SAL, a leading manufacturer, importer, exporter and distributor in the home textile industry in the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Council. Iconix Brand Group, Inc. and Bycop SAL have renewed their current licensing agreement for an additional ten years, through 2039. The deal includes four home brands owned by Iconix Brand Group, Inc., Cannon, Charisma, Fieldcrest and Royal Velvet. Under the extension, Bycop SAL will continue to have the license to design, manufacture and distribute all four brands in the bed, bath, nightwear, underwear and loungewear categories in the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Council. Bycop and Iconix first began working together in 2002.


“Bycop looks forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Iconix Brand Group and their portfolio of heritage home brands,” said Levon Nazarian, president of Bycop SAL.  “We’ve had great success with the Cannon, Charisma, Fieldcrest and Royal Velvet brands in the Middle East and we are excited to further cultivate these brands in collaboration with Iconix.”


“We see a substantial opportunity to further advance and develop our home business both domestically and internationally,” said Bob Galvin, president and chief executive officer of Iconix Brand Group, Inc. “Working with exceptional long-term partners like Bycop will help our home brands reach their full potential.”


Cannon, Charisma, Fieldcrest and Royal Velvet are four of almost 30 brands owned by Iconix Brand Group, Inc.


About Bycop SAL

Established in the late 1970’s, Bycop SAL is a leading manufacturer, importer, exporter and distributor in the home textile industry in the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Council. Bycop believes that comfort, style and quality are fundamental characteristics of home furnishings. The company offers a wide variety of bed and bath products from the most recognized brands to satisfy different industries including household, medical, hospitality and retail.


Bycop covers a vast geographical area through its companies in the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Bycop has the license for a variety of brands such as Cannon, Fieldcrest, Disney, Waverly and Charisma. Bcycop also markets private label brands including Valentini, Royale, Dream, Savoy and Classic.


Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Taps Nick Graham As Creative Consultant For Joe Boxer




Iconix Brand Group, Inc. today announced that menswear designer Nick Graham has been hired as a creative consultant for an updated iteration of the Joe Boxer brand, which will be distributed online and in specialty and department stores. Graham is also currently designing and marketing his eponymous menswear brand, which he founded in 2014.


Graham founded Joe Boxer out of his San Francisco apartment, and it grew it to be an internationally recognized brand known for its quirkiness and irreverent sense of style and humor. The award-winning brand had an impact on the fashion industry that still resonates today.


“It’s so great to be back working with Joe Boxer. It is still one of the best-known brands out there, and it will be so fun to play with it again,” said Graham. As for his plans for Joe Boxer, Graham said the goal is to build on its heritage and its ability to make people smile.


For over 30 years, Graham has been recognized as one of the most innovative designers and marketers in the apparel industry. Graham launched his first eponymous menswear brand to address what he defines as the “Perennial Millennial” consumer. The brand offers color and style at affordable prices, and includes dress shirts, tailored clothing, swimwear, sportswear and footwear and is distributed online and in department stores in the United States.


“The Nick Graham brand is a completely different demographic, more driven by tailored clothing and dress shirts and appealing to a slightly older consumer.  Joe Boxer is younger and a lot more casual and active,” added Graham. The Nick Graham brand is a division of Tharanco.


“Iconix is excited to bring Nick Graham back to the Joe Boxer brand,” said Bob Galvin, president and chief executive officer of Iconix Brand Group, Inc. “He’s a true marketing and creative visionary and he’s providing us with valuable insight that will help us bring Joe Boxer to a new generation.”


Graham sold the Joe Boxer brand in 2001 but remained as a partner. Iconix later acquired the brand in 2005. Graham and Iconix will collaborate on product and marketing initiatives for a premium brand extension of the Joe Boxer brand.


Joe Boxer was one of the first proponents of social media, long before the term even existed. As Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer, Nick Graham pushed the concept of experiential marketing to new heights. The brand was one of the first on the internet in 1992, did the first live-streamed fashion show with Microsoft from an airplane hangar in Iceland and installed the world’s largest email in New York City’s Times Square.  The brand holds the record for the highest point a pair of underwear has been alone, (120,000 feet, by single thrust rocket), and the unofficial record for the World’s Fastest Fashion Show, (1.2 seconds by Human Cannonball).

Iconix Brand Group, Inc. Brings Zoo York Under Old Management and Announces Product Drops From Brand Founders

Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICON) is tapping the founders of Zoo York, one of the East Coast’s first true street culture inspired lifestyle brands, to help reinvigorate the brand. As part of the new partnership, Zoo York’s founders, Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner and Adam Schatz, are returning to Zoo York as creative directors to provide strategic creative, design, marketing and industry insight. Iconix acquired Zoo York in 2011 and it’s currently one of almost 30 brands in Iconix’s portfolio.


Zoo York was created in 1993 and the founders will help bring the brand back to its street culture roots through a disruptive “Under Old Management” marketing campaign that started on Instagram when Zoo York started teasing the return of the founders. To kick off their comeback, Smith, Gesner and Schatz are creating a Zoo York x Founders line of limited-edition product drops that will be shoppable only through Zoo York’s Instagram channel and, with the first capsule launching on September 10, 2019.


The first Zoo York x Founders drop is inspired by milestones in Zoo York’s history and includes updated versions of iconic items from the brand’s archives. Standout pieces include a dad hat and t-shirt inspired by the infamous “Zoo York Mixtape,” from 1997 and a t-shirt similar to what was worn by the skaters in the cult classic film “Kids.”  Another key design element is the original Zoo York graffiti tag created by Gesner, featured on a long-sleeve t-shirt as well as a skate deck, which will be hand spray painted and signed by Gesner. The first drop also includes a replica of the coveted Zoo York hoodie from the 1990s. Only 93 pieces of each item will be created, to pay homage to the year Zoo York was founded, 1993.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to do many extraordinary things in my career. But coming home to Zoo York is, at once, the most exciting and, at the same time, the most comforting. I am home,” said Eli Morgan Gesner.


“To do things differently in times like these can render success with the right components, intentions and attitudes,” said Rodney Smith.


“This partnership really highlights the importance of authenticity over hype when committing to the long-term health of a brand,” said Adam Schatz.


“Partnering with the creators of Zoo York will help us reconnect to the brand’s origins in New York City street culture and regain credibility,” said Bob Galvin, chief executive officer and president at Iconix Brand Group, Inc. “With the convergence of growing global interest in skateboarding and ongoing ‘90s nostalgia, there’s a great opportunity for Zoo York.”


In addition to creating limited-edition product drops, Smith, Gesner and Schatz also will provide ongoing design direction to licensees and partners around the world, starting with a re-branding that will take Zoo York back to its original logo, featuring a font the founders first saw during a meeting in the Empire State Building, a nod to the brand’s New York City roots. The trio will also collaborate with Zoo York on brand storytelling as well as content creation by tapping into their network, including renowned skate photographer Giovanni Reda.  Through the lens of the brand’s founders, Zoo York’s new direction will pay tribute to all of New York City’s street culture, beyond just skateboarding.




About Zoo York

In 1993, three skateboard enthusiasts, Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner and Adam Schatz, teamed up to develop the East Coast’s first true street culture-inspired lifestyle brand – Zoo York. The trio took creative inspiration from New York City’s rapidly evolving skateboarding, music and art scenes to produce a variety of culturally relevant products that were dark and gritty like New York City. What started off as a simple line of skate decks and t-shirts steadily grew into a full–blown apparel collection that was designed to withstand the city’s rugged terrain. Today, Zoo York is a highly evolved, globally recognized brand with an unbreakable East Coast attitude and dialect.


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